Erica and Stewart Speed

“Above and Beyond” is the appropriate catch phrase for Erin Daniel as a realtor who will become your friend – your best friend – when it comes to selling your property. Our situation was a difficult one. We were out of state owners of a property that not only needed to be sold but needed work to be done in order to sell it. Erin not only offered incredibly professional initial advice as to approach, market viability and pricing but had a complete hands on approach until closing. She fielded phone calls from service people; helped us find a painter; picked up samples; opened the house; inspected work; re-inspected work and staged our property and I could continue to list the many, many things she did willingly and dutifully. But, the most important thing she did was sell our property when it was finally ready in one day. Erin was the only bright spot of the whole experience. Other realtors would have walked away from this challenge. She took it on as if it was her own and made sure we were completely taken care of. We can not recommend Erin Daniel enough and we truly mean it when we say, that she will be a great realtor but she will become a better friend.